Integrated online Timelines and Gantt charts in OpenProject. Successful, fast, and easy.

Efficient project planning and scheduling with Timelines and Gantt charts in OpenProject.

What are timelines?

With timeline project management you can schedule your tasks and visualize the required steps to complete your project. As a project manager you are directly informed about delays in your project and can act accordingly.

The dynamic open source Gantt chart in OpenProject displays the phases and milestones in your project as well as relationships between them.

Thanks to the integration with task management the timeline contains real data that is updated in sync with the Gantt chart. Each element in the timeline has a start date and a due date so you are always informed about the current status.

To update the dates simply drag and drop the element on the timeline: The phases and all related elements are updated automatically.

Timeline features

  • Daily up to yearly timeline
  • Multi-project timeline report
  • Real-time updates
  • Follows-precedes relationships
  • Integrated task management
  • Top-down and bottom-up scheduling

How to work with timelines

  • Activate timelines from the task management list.
  • Create phases, milestones and tasks using inline create.
  • Define the columns which are shown next to the Gantt chart.
  • Select zoom level to show daily to yearly progress.
  • Select automatic or manual scheduling mode.
  • Set start and due dates by drawing the phase duration.
  • Show or hide elements' hierarchy levels.
  • Create relationships between elements from separate relationship mode.
  • Create child elements from Gantt chart.
  • Activate the Zen mode to create project plans distraction free.
  • Save timeline views and add quick access entry.
  • Group and sort based on project attributes.
  • Control privacy and make saved timeline view available for other users.

Timeline Project Management Advice

Plan buffers in your project schedule, in case tasks take longer than anticipated.
Take a look at the video to learn how to use the timeline in OpenProject.

Top-down scheduling in OpenProject

Decide if you want to use top-down or bottom-up planning and accordingly choose manual or automatic scheduling mode.
Watch this video to find out how to implement the different scheduling modes in OpenProject.

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