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Keep track of everything that is important in your project.

OpenProject supports Agile and Scrum teams to deliver great projects on time and on budget.

Introducing Scrum and Agile Boards in OpenProject

OpenProject is a powerful open source software for Scrum and Agile Project Management. The new flexible Scrum and Agile Boards view in OpenProject is designed to organize and prioritize your work with your team, keep an eye on everything that is important and visualize the progress of work to be done in a project.

Scrum and Agile Boards increase your team's productivity, improve collaboration, and let you keep track of the things that matter.

Flexible and easy to get started

Boards can be for anything that you need to keep track of: managing your tasks, developing new features, prioritizing bugs, monitoring risks, planning sprints or releases, spreading ideas, anything!

The flexible boards view can be configured to your needs, it is easy to get started and fun to work with.

Create as many boards as you need

In OpenProject you can create unlimited boards with as many lists and cards on it as you need, name them and share work collaboratively with your team. Boards can be for workflow management, prioritization, visualization. New cards can be created, and existing ones can be added from projects or subprojects.

Efficient and intuitive workflow management

Lists and cards in your board enable you to keep track of your project in an easy and efficient way. Lists may represent a workflow, or a version, an assignee, or anything you would like them to be. Each list has cards on it that represent a work package in your project. Prioritize cards within a list or add them to another list with drag and drop. Action boards will automatically change the attribute, such as the status or version of the card.

Flexible board types

Select your board from a variety of 6 different board types. The basic board allows you to create flexible boards for any kind of activity you would like to track, e.g. management of ideas. If you move work packages between the lists, there will be no changes to the work package itself. In all other 5 board types, moving work packages (cards) between two lists will update them automatically, based on the list to which they’re moved.

Have important information at a glance

See what is important in your projects and what needs to be done next. You easily get an overview of the status and next steps in a project.

Add more details, such as description, attachments, comments, due dates, assignees, and much more to the cards.

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