Time tracking software for efficiently managing projects.

Track times with OpenProject time tracking software to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Time tracking, cost reporting and budgeting with OpenProject

OpenProject time tracking software offers the easiest way to log time, track costs and manage budgets.

OpenProject is the leading open source project management and time tracking software that allows you to stay on top of your project budgets and your spent time. Time and costs can be easily tracked on tasks. Define project budgets, easily assign tasks to it and stay informed about how your team is performing. Use cost reports for in-depth analysis and share your reports with other users.

Furthermore, integrate your full project management by activating Task Management or Gantt charts.

OpenProject enables professional project controlling and cost analysis. Budget dashboards provide a top-level overview of your project budgets as well as a detailed analysis of time and costs. Export budgets for further processing. Use OpenProject's sophisticated roles and permissions to define project access for different stakeholders.

Through a seamless integration with your project management process, OpenProject time tracking software helps to complete projects on time and on budget.

Time tracking software features

  • Project budgets
  • Custom cost types
  • Project-based hourly rates
  • Dashboard
  • Share cost reports
  • Custom fields
  • Custom permissions
  • Export as CSV
  • Integrated project management features

How to track time, use cost reports and budgets with OpenProject

  • Create a new budget.
  • Choose a descriptive budget name.
  • Add the planned unit and labor costs.
  • Keep track of tasks assigned to budget.
  • Stay informed about the percentage used of the budget.
  • Display detailed task information by opening the split screen.
  • Assign tasks to the appropriate budget.
  • Log time and / or costs on tasks and budgets.
  • See the aggregated time and cost logged on a task.
  • Define roles and permissions to only allow certain users to see spent time / costs.
  • Use the dashboard to get an overview of all budgets.
  • Compare planned and spent cost.
  • Escalate or make adjustements when over budget.
  • Export budgets as CSV file for further processing.
  • Use existing budgets as templates for new budgets.
  • Remove completed budgets.
  • Analyze spent time and cost with cost reports.
  • Use filters to limit results shown.
  • Customize your report through groups.
  • Define and use custom fields.
  • Save custom report.
  • Share cost reports with project members.
  • My Page gives you an overview over work packages you are involved in.
  • Use My Page to log time on the work packages assigned to you.
  • Log time quickly in a pop-up window, select work package, date, hours and comment on it.
  • Have the overview of how much time you spent in a week on which work package.
  • Select the week that you would want to view.

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Need step-by-step instructions on time tracking, cost reports and budgets within OpenProject? Take a look at the user guide.

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