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Feature comparison

See all features side by side to compare OpenProject Community,
Enterprise on-premises and Enterprise cloud.

Feature comparison Self-hosted Hosted by OpenProject
Features Community Enterprise on-premises Enterprise cloud
Project overview page
Work packages
Gantt charts / timeline management
Product roadmap
Custom fields for work packages
Scrum (backlogs and task board)
Meetings management
Time tracking
Cost reporting
Bug tracking
Custom workflows
User groups & permissions
Work package templates
Project templates
My page (personal dashboard)
Repositories (SVN, GIT)
Premium Features Community Enterprise on-premises Enterprise cloud
Agile boards
Custom theme and logo
Graphs on project overview page
Single sign-on
Attribute highlighting (status, priority, due dates)
Intelligent workflows with custom action buttons
Full text search, incl. work package attachments
Configure work package forms
Custom fields for projects
Multi-select custom fields for work packages
Display of relations in the work package list
Help texts
Additional security features Community Enterprise on-premises Enterprise cloud
LDAP authentication
Two factor authentication
LDAP users and group sync
Support Community Enterprise on-premises Enterprise cloud
Community forum
User guides
Professional support
Security alerts
Installation support optional
Premier support optional
Corporate support optional
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BIM features (optional add-on) Community Enterprise on-premises Enterprise cloud
IFC 3D model upload and viewer
Manage multiple building models in IFC format in parallel
BCF management
Customized permissions for BCF management
Revit integration (in development, coming soon)
Integration with all OpenProject project management features
OpenProject including BIM features Free download Book now Start free trial

Support and maintenance

Compare our different support plans

Support service levels Professional Support Premier Support Corporate Support
Service hours Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:30 CET Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:30 CET Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00 CET
Response time – critical incidents 8 h 6 h 2 h
Response time – major incidents best effort 12 h 6 h
Response time – minor incidents best effort 48 h 24 h
Scheduled standby and upgrade assistance
Priority development and escalation
Customizations Professional Support Premier Support Corporate Support
Support of custom developed plugins
Support of custom developed themes
Support channel Professional Support Premier Support Corporate Support
Remote login/remote hands
On site support
Dedicated support engineer
Named support contacts 1 3 8
Price per month included in Enterprise on-premises and Enterprise cloud € 980 On request

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Special rates

We want to help make a difference and support educational institutions and NGOs with discounts. For more information and if your organization is eligible for a special rate, please check in with us.

Frequently asked questions

You can start your free trial or book immediately here. You will receive a token to activate your Enterprise on-premises. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

As with the OpenProject Enterprise Cloud, we offer you a 14 days free trial for the Enterprise on-premises. If you already have the Community Edition installed, navigate to your system -> Administration -> Enterprise Edition. Here, you can simply click the green Start free trial button. Please find the detailed instruction here. If you do not have a Community Edition installed yet, get started with your free trial here.

In general we offer credit card payment for the Enterprise Cloud and on-premises version. On top, we offer bank transfer payment for annual Enterprise Cloud plans and the Enterprise on-premises plan. However, bank transfer is only possible for organisations based in the EU, Switzerland and the United States.
Please note that we cannot accept payment via check nor PayPal.

OpenProject Enterprise on-premises builds on top of the Community Edition and includes powerful premium features and additional security features. Additionally, the Enterprise on-premises offers professional support from the OpenProject experts, as well as installation support and security alerts.

To upgrade your Community Edition, navigate to your system -> Administration -> Enterprise Edition. Here, you can simply click the green Start free trial button. You can then trial the Enterprise on-premises 14 days for free before booking. If you like the premium features and want to continue, you can easily book the Enterprise version via the Enterprise Edition menu in the Administration.

To downgrade to the Community Edition you need to install the packages of the Community Edition. Please note that you will not be able to use the premium features anymore and you will not be eligible for professional support anymore.

Yes, the Enterprise Edition is published under the GPL v3.

The developers of OpenProject love the project. And they love open source developement. They work hard to build powerful new features and fix bugs with every release. However, they also need to pay rent, taxes, health insurance and so on. To be able to work on OpenProject and keep the speed, they need funding.

The maintenance contract gives you the peace of mind of a stable and secure OpenProject application. Especially for business critical projects, it gives you the confidence to focus on your core business. So, whenever there is a question or a problem we will help you with that matter.

Yes. If you want to switch from a hosted version of OpenProject (Enterprise cloud edition) to a self-hosted version (Community edition or Enterprise on-premises) we can provide you a full dump of your data. Since this requires manual effort for us, we will charge you € 120 for this service if you switch to the Community edition. If you decide to switch to Enterprise on-premises, we import your data from the Enterprise cloud edition for free.

We are highly committed to data privacy and security and comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read the OpenProject GDPR compliance statement and an open committment to data security and privacy.

Yes, there is. Take a look at the OpenProject reseller page to find out more.

In OpenProject the number of named users is counted. However, you can block a user in order to free up a user slot for another user. If a user no longer requires access to OpenProject, you can lock that user. The user's data still persists but the user can no longer sign in. Instead, you can invite another user to your OpenProject environment. To learn more, find more out how to manage users.

Yes, we have experience with customers who work with XRechnungen. In case you require us to issue XRechnungen for you, please contact us via email to

We support EVB-IT contracts. Please contact us via email ( so that we can fill in the respective form for you.

We are happy to assist with the W9 form. However, as OpenProject is based in Germany, we will fill in the form W8-BEN-E and send it to you. Please contact us via email ( to request this form.

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