About OpenProject

Open source project management software for powerful collaboration.

Our vision

We develop open source software to change the world - supporting teams to collaborate location-independently on projects that have a positive impact on our daily lives.

Premium open source project collaboration software

OpenProject is the leading free and open source project management software. Established in 2012, OpenProject supports your projects throughout the whole life-cycle.
All development takes place in our public repositories on Github. The software is licensed under GNU GPL v3.
We do understand free software in the sense of free speech. We do offer paid plans (with premium features and support) for our software.

  • Our Community Edition covers a wide range of features and plugins and will always be FREE as well as free of charge. Forever. We promise!

  • Our Enterprise Edition is on-premises and includes Installation Support, additional Premium Features and Security Features, as well as Professional Support. It aims at organizations that manage multiple business-critical projects with OpenProject.

  • Our Cloud Edition provides professional Hosting Service for your OpenProject, as well as additional Premium Features and Professional Support.

All three editions are open source software.
OpenProject connects teams around the world and supports location independent team collaboration. The software is available in more than 30 languages, translated by a dedicated community on CrowdIn.

Full services for your OpenProject installation

The company OpenProject GmbH is a software engineering company, specialized in the continuous development and improvement of the open source project management software OpenProject. The OpenProject team strives for developing excellent open source collaboration software with an innovative and active community.

OpenProject GmbH offers development of features and plugins for OpenProject as well as services for hosting, installation, maintenance and support, as well as consultancy and training for the implementation and introduction of the software in even highly complex organisational structures.

The OpenProject GmbH is committed to free and open source software development and an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as well as the Open Source Business Alliance.

Career opportunities

We are always searching for excellent people who want to be engaged in a highly visible open source project that will have an impact in the world.

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Supporting NGO and open source projects

We are happy to support non-governmental organizations (NGO) and open source projects by providing dedicated plans for OpenProject Cloud and Enterprise Edition.

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What our users say

Many companies successfully use OpenProject to complete their projects. OpenProject supports customers in many industries to achieve great things together.

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