OpenProject as Jira alternative

Jira is an established player in the issue tracking and project management space. First released by Atlassian in 2002, the application offers a large number of features and plugins. Jira targets software development projects. Let’s take a look at why OpenProject is the best Jira alternative.

Jira is a proprietary software. Therefore, users run the risk of depending solely on the vendor to make code adjustments / implementing feature requests. Additionally, Jira is quite complex to use and the cloud service is quite slow.

While Jira offers a lot of features, many functionalities are only available available through external plugins (such as the Gantt chart). Therefore, those external plugins need to be purchased and can get quite expensive.

Take a look at this article for an in-depth comparison of Jira and OpenProject .

If you look for an alternative to Jira take a look at the following table to learn why OpenProject is the best Jira alternative:

Features OpenProject Jira
Issue Tracking / Task management
Fast inline issue creation/update
Timeline / Gantt chart
Time and Cost tracking
Product Roadmap
Mobile-friendly layout
Modern design
Single-page application
Open source