OpenProject as Trello alternative

Trello is a hugely popular, very intuitive project management and issue tracking software with millions of users worldwide. Its easy-to-use Kanban-style approach separates it from many other tools. Let’s take a look at why OpenProject is the best Trello alternative.

OpenProject and Trello both offer Agile project management management features. However, OpenProject also allows release management through product roadmaps. Additionally, OpenProject makes communication easy: You can organize meetings directly within OpenProject and manage forums.

Trello's advantages (simplicity, Kanban view) often make it difficult to use the software in more complex business environments. Trello lacks many enterprise project management features, such as Gantt charts, time and cost tracking and the fact that there is no self-hosted version of Trello. Trello also does not support meeting management. OpenProject on the other hand provides self-hosting through the Enterprise Edition. Software development companies will also miss an integrated source control management system in Trello which is helpful to easily coordinate development progress.

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If you look for an alternative to Trello take a look at the following table:

Features OpenProject Trello
Agile Boards
Issue Tracking / Task management
Fast inline issue creation/update
Timeline / Gantt chart
Time and Cost tracking
Product Roadmap
Mobile-friendly layout
Modern design
Single-page application
Open source