OpenProject as best Redmine alternative

Redmine is an established player in the open source project management space. The tool offers a large number of features and plugins. Redmine is mainly used for software development projects and supports issue tracking, roadmaps and source code management integration. Additional plugins are available for agile and scrum and for additional functionality such as meetings. Let’s take a look at why OpenProject is the best Redmine alternative.

On the downside Redmine uses an outdated user-interface and requires a lot of page reloads to complete steps. It also does not support mobile devices.

If you look for a Redmine alternative take a look at the following table and learn why OpenProject is the best Redmine alternative:

Features OpenProject Redmine
Issue Tracking / Task management
Fast inline issue creation/update
Timeline / Gantt chart
Time and Cost tracking
Product Roadmap
Mobile-friendly layout
Modern design
Single-page application
Open source

Comparison: OpenProject and Redmine

OpenProject is historically a successor of Redmine but uses a more modern technology and a more user-friendly, up-to-date design.

Instead of a traditional web application, OpenProject is a modern single-page application

Users can for example create and edit issues with a single click while Redmine requires multiple steps to accomplish the same.

The same is true for adding new members to a project: In Redmine you need to create a new user in the administration screen. Then you need to add the user to the project. OpenProject allows to do both in one step.

OpenProject also offers a modern, dynamic Gantt chart which is very user-friendly and integrated in the work package page. Redmine on the other hand includes an old timeline which requires many page reloads to update.

The following video shows the differences between both tools: